1. LINDE KCA Dresden German – (English) latest project – Construction of the new polyethylene unit in Litvínov
  2. Chemopetrol, a.s. Litvínov – permanent cooperation (English)
  3. Two big translation agencies in Prague (names and contacts could be given by request after their approval)(English, German) / a permanent long-term cooperation
  4. Work Safety Procedures for PBNA company from Netherland (English)
  5. Česká Rafinérská,a.s. – a refinery company – Regulations, Standards, Directives etc. (English).
  6. IPS, a.s. Praha (a big building company seated in Prague) (English, German)
  7. Betonstav, a.s. (a building company seated in Teplice) (German)
  9. Foster Wheeler Italiana (English)